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~ The hardest part of breeding is letting go ~

There comes a time when it is necessary to retire and re-home some of our breeding dogs. Though it is difficult to think about parting with a dog that has been a part of our family and breeding program, it is necessary in continuing our breeding program.


We do not have a kennel. Our pugs are use to being in the house with the family and sleeping and relaxing on our furniture. All are crate trained, the older ones no longer need crates, but the younger ones go in their crates at bedtime or if we leave for an extended period of time. Our backyard/potty area is fenced in. We are rural and very rarely have them on leashes so most will need to be leash trained if you plan to take them on walks, etc...

Our older retired adult pugs are gentle, quiet, and love to just sleep on a comfy chair and be petted, spoiled, and loved. They would make a great companion for a retired person/couple.

We prefer to place our older retired adults in quiet adult homes with a fenced in yard, No young children, No other pets, and someone that is home 24/7.


Please do your research before adopting an adult dog...

It takes at least 30 days for an adult dog to adjust to their new enviroment. They are going to be scared and stressed. Keep the first few weeks quiet and visitor free. Let them take this quiet time to get to know their new home and family, not a bunch of visitors/strangers.

Keep in mind..

  • Just because he/she is potty trained at my house, it does not mean they will be potty trained at your house. You must teach them where their new bathroom is.
  • Dog proof your home. Teach them what are chew toys and what are not. They know that my decorations, furniture, electrical cords, etc.. are not chew things, but they do not know that in your home.
  • Avoid any diet changes as the added stress of strange food will create loose stools.
  • Place a soft bed or quilt inside a crate in a quiet area so they have a safe place to retreat to. 


New homes are NOT first come first serve. We decide on the best suitable home possible that best fits the individual adult pug. Our retired pugs have been with us for years and we will be quite picky on where they will be going and spending the rest of their years.

There will be a contract and if, for whatever reason, you can not keep him/her, him/her must be returned to me. You must also keep in contact with us.


Adult Pug Application 

Please fill out this application before contacting us about an adult pug. We try to respond quickly, but if you do not hear from us within a few days please send us an email. Thank you